Wikipedia Pages That Reference Me

One day as an experiment, I started tracking my mentions on Wikipedia…and it turns out that my contribution to human knowledge is kinda weird but also broad.

Here are some pages that reference me:

2012 United States presidential election in Arizona

Archer (Television)

Charlie Jane Anders (Author)

Duke Cunningham (Political Figure)

Embodied Agent (Artificial Intelligence)


JPay (Prison tech company)

Kelly Davis (Journalist)

The Kenwood Collection (Shopping center in Ohio)

Lori Lightfoot (Mayor of Chicago)

Marisa Miller (Model)

Mass surveillance in the United States

Project Veritas

SGT STAR (U.S. Military Chatbot)

United States Penitentiary, Tucson

USA Freedom Act

Pages that use my photographs/images:

Alex Stamos (Cybersecurity)

Larger Pacific striped octopus

Regards sur l’actualité de la Wikimedia (1-15-2016)

Tula Lotay (Comic Book Artist)