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Brilliant men

It’s a weird thing. The last three stories I’ve put together have shared a common theme: Brilliant men who have lost control and found themselves, literally or symbolically, out on the street. It wasn’t planned or anything. It just sort of happened. Another commonality is that none of them are white. One’s Vietnamese, another African-American […]

Fiction 101

Each year, San Diego CityBeat sponsors a flash-fiction competition called Fiction 101. The concept is easy enough: Writers submit up to two pieces of fiction. Neither can be longer than 101 words, excluding the title. We received hundreds and, after judging them all, I was inspired to write my own. Of course, as a CityBeat […]

Appearing on San Diego 6 with an “agenda”

I made the evening news again this week when San Diego 6 took notice of a blog post I wrote about a US Senate candidate’s closed-door fundraiser with defense contractors. The invitation for the Carly Fiorina event in Rancho Santa Fe included a long list of hosts and sponsors. I simply identified the companies those […]

TV coverage…times two!

Twice in the last 24 hours my stories have made it on the tube. Last night, the local NBC affiliate ran a follow-up to my investigation of a laboratory containing hazardous materials that was abandoned by defense contractors. The NBC reporter did a fine job; the only problem is that my cuteness was upstaged by […]