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I was raised on Heinlein and Hitchhiker’s, survived the dark years of adolescence with Ender’s Game and It, discovered graphic novels as an adult and now find myself lucky enough to write (from time-to-time) professionally about sci-fi and cover San Diego Comic-Con.

San Diego Comic-Con

For Rolling Stone

20 Best Things We Saw and Heard at Comic-Con 2015

20 Best Things We Saw and Heard at Comic-Con 2014

For San Diego CityBeat

npaperMischief unmanaged: Raging nerd went free after last year’s Comic-Con face-stabbing

America’s final city Across eight alternate futures, sci-fi is not kind to San Diego

Comic-C’mon! Hollywood studios should blame themselves for poor performance, not the geeks

Of noise and fanboys: From 1960s space rock to 2010’s Comic-Concert, the geek-rock universe continues to expand

What I took home from Comic-Con 2013

What I took home from Comic-Con 2014

I also edited CityBeat‘s award-winning, zombie-themed “Walker’s Guide to Comic-Com.”

For the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

An Open Letter to All the Comic Cons: Protect Our Secret Identities

What We Learned at San Diego Comic-Con

For the Santa Fe Reporter:

Artist Rick Geary Brings Billy the Kid to San Diego Comic-Con

deadpool photo bombing ackbarFor Blastr:

Smith on the end of the Eleventh Doctor: Moffat is ‘going to make it hurt’

Joss Whedon told Comic-Con the question he doesn’t want us to ask ever again

Watch Walking Dead’s Governor tell us why it sucks to work with that eyepatch

Sherlock’s showrunners offer the final word on Moriarty’s fate

Doctor Who stars reveal who they’d cosplay as at Comic-Con + more!

And a whole lot of photo sets.

After writing for a few years about TV and DVD releases for, I began contributing to the SyFy network’s beast of a blog, (although it was called when I started). Mostly I write lists, and quick hits whenever I catch sci-fi intersecting with politics and current events.

You can check out my archives with this link, but here are a few of my favorites, In order of number of items on each list:

BruceCampbellsSoupLabels-scifiwireIf one politician has his way, sci-fi’s gonna be mandatory in school

Four Labels from the Bruce Campbell’s Soup Company

Happy 25th anniversary, Thunderdome! 8 reasons we still love you

10 reasons we still love Total Recall 20 years later

11 real church sermons that used sci-fi to preach salvation

12 wild and wacky patent applications that are weirder than sci-fi

13 surprising ways sci-fi collided with DC politics

13 worker revolts and labor union uprisings from sci-fi history

14 strange sci-fi candidates who campaigned in REAL elections

15 Dangerous (and dumb) oil disasters in sci-fi (During the Deepwater Horizon spill)

20 psychedelic strains of Star Wars-themed marijuana (And the sequel: 12 super-powerful strains of comic-book-themed cannabis)


JMS at SDCC by DM for SDCB

Other bits

Focus on the Family wants you to enjoy the ramblings of demons — for entertainment’s sake

J. Michael Straczynski’s origin story

‘Space Bush’ is a galactic jerk-off

Bubba In-depth: An Interview With Joe R. Lansdale