I’ve been working in journalism since I was a wee lad, writing articles for the Phoenix-based children’s newspaper Bear Essential News for Kids. For the last 11 years, I’ve written primarily for alternative newsweeklies. I like to say that I’ve filled up my Mexico border-state bingo card, writing for  rags in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and, now, California, where I am a staff writer for San Diego CityBeat. 

I specialize in investigative journalism. I’ll upload more over the coming weeks, but in the meantime, here are a few recent highlights:

San Diego CityBeat

Since October 2009, I’ve written full time for CityBeat, covering a wide range of topics, such as election politics, criminal justice, medical marijuana, environmentalism and free speech in San Diego County.

Pick the pepper
San Diego County Probation stands by its frequent use of pepper spray on juvenile wards

Special Education
Is the FBI Citizens’ Academy ‘an example of good community outreach or plain old cronyism?

Collective Denial
Medical-Marijuana Patients have a false sense of privacy
The Russia Houses
A Dagestani politician isn’t telling the truth about his Wikileak-ed connections to Carlsbad
Tuan’s Paradoxes
One man’s struggle against the big brother that saved his life
Lab Rats
A defense sub-contractor abandons unstable chemicals in Sorrento Valley
The Snitch is Back
‘Bugman’ undermines the Skyline and Lincoln Park gangs via YouTube
The foreskin is only the tip of the controvers
Doing their duties
Lawmakers propose to lift tariffs on imports for the benefit of their districts and contributors

Santa Fe Reporter

In the 2008 election, I began unraveling a tapestry of lies woven by Jerome Block Jr., a Democratic candidate for the New Mexico Public Regulations Commissions, which oversees public utilities. What began with  uncovering a hidden criminal record would lead to evidence of embezzling campaign funds. Block was elected despite the scandal, though he was ultimately criminally indicted. He has since pleaded guilty to that and a assortment of other felonies.
You can read my reflections in an essay SFR published published in 2011.