Kuro Crow: Short Stories

Kuro Crow: Three Short Stories

E-book – Boxfire Press – 2010

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In 1999, I decided I was through with Phoenix, the flat, suburban sprawl where I was I born and raised. I resolved to leave it for a place more, for lack of a better word, vertical. These three stories were inspired by my student observations of Tokyo at the turn of the 21st Century as I learned to look up for the first time.

In All You Can Stomach, an English-as-a-foreign-language teacher on an overnight package trip to Seoul is derailed from his mission to gorge on Korean barbecue by two too-adorable cult members. (First published in Pulp.net).

Kuro Crow is a drunk conversation between a cynical expat and an uncomprehending salaryman that weaves between cultural pretenses, winged predators and the disappearance of a young American hostess. (First published in Flux magazine.)

Originally a spoken-word piece, Whitecaps  is written in the voice of a young sailor who finds himself disgusted and inspired by his own voyeurism as he watches his mate dance with a “horse-faced sure thing” in a Shibuya night club. (First published in 5_Trope.)

“It nails the sense of timesickness and placesickness you get in Asia—and the cultural lag and fog that comes with it.”

Douglas Coupland, author, Generation X,  Player One

“Maass’ stories aren’t typical travelogues disguised as short fiction. Observations about Japan are secondary. The author’s voice is most prominent: humorous, irreverent, slightly cynical, and clever.”

Angela Carone, KPBS Culture Lust