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Call boxes on TV

A long report I published this week on the obscure local agency that manages emergency freeway call boxes is getting a lot of attention. As it should: It’s an infuriating story of government fat in the leanest of times and the politicians who don’t think taxpayers care about a dollar. The local NBC affiliate interviewed […]

TV coverage…times two!

Twice in the last 24 hours my stories have made it on the tube. Last night, the local NBC affiliate ran a follow-up to my investigation of a laboratory containing hazardous materials that was abandoned by defense contractors. The NBC reporter did a fine job; the only problem is that my cuteness was upstaged by […]

New nerdy side gig

Once again, I’m behind on blog posts. Sorry. It’s just the way things are. Busy busy busy. But, I thought I’d share a new side project I’ve picked up: Writing blog posts for SyFy channel’s, which, of course, is a bit of a nerd dream come true. These aren’t news pieces or even reviews, […]

TV Portrait: Teachers’ union leader Dennis Van Roekel

I don’t wade into education issues very often for three reasons: 1) I don’t have children, 2) I studied a great deal overseas and 3) I usually find the issue very boring. I also tend to find PBS quite dull, so it’s surprising that I feel strongly that this particular NewsHour segment blogworthy. In this […]

When news gets personal.

This thrills me: In Gallup, a mayor and a local newspaperman get into a fist fight over stories that indicate the mayor was involved in a 1948 gang rape. Security cam footage, descriptive interviews, a dark back story about politics and investigative journalism. OK, this does make me miss New Mexico just a little. I […]

Why I’m so bent out of shape about the new Doctor

Last night, I couldn’t sleep. OK, so I napped for three hours in the afternoon, but that’s only part of the reason for my insomina. The bigger factor was my immediate, manic obsession and fury over the end of the 10th Doctor, David Tennant, and his regeneration into a 27-year-old dough-faced actor by the name […]