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9.11, 10 years later

The Santa Fe Reporter asked me to contribute 150 words about where I was on 9.11. Here’s what I wrote: I’d quit my job as a reporter covering state government in Phoenix two weeks before. The morning of 9.11, a girl I was seeing called to wake me. She said we were under attack. I […]

Farewell Santa Fe: Things I’ll Miss, Things I Regret

Dearest Santa Fe: I’m leaving you. I’m moving west and filling up my border state bingo card. It’s an economy thing, a weather thing, a move-close-to-close-friends thing. Lest you think I’ll forget you, I’ve put together this list of places, people, issues that will always stick with me. And I’ll also tell you what I […]

You can have me for nothing.

That’s the end of Billy Wilder’s Ace in the Hole, one of the best films about journalism, ever, and the only one of its kind set in New Mexico. Kirk Douglas plays a hot shot reporter from the north east forced to into temporary exile in the southwest. Along comes a mine disaster: Where does […]

Two First Place Awards at AAN

So, at the annual Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, the Santa Fe Reporter took home the most awards in the AltWeeklies Contest than any other paper in our division. Of those, two projects I worked on took First Place: won in the blog category and “Things to Do in Santa Fe When You’re Undead” won […]

Male Men.

Of the seven men sitting in this row, only one was born male. Can you tell which? This FTMazing image was shot by MaryEllen Broderick at the LGBT Summit in Albuquerque, which I attended today to gather background info for an upcoming story. (LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and FTM stands for Female-to-Male. […]

Finalist in One More AltWeekly Category

I just found out that SFR’s, the blog I built and coordinated during last year’s election has also been named a finalist in the blog category for the 2009 Association of Alternative Newsweeklies awards. This means that, in the smaller division for alternative newspapers, SFR is leading in number of finalists. It also means […]

The Line: Prop 8, China, Death Row

So, yeah….I was a guest on the KNME current events show In-Focus, specifically the panel discussion, “The Line”: You’ll want to skip to 8:50 to get to the good stuff. The first segment is about Albuquerque ditches and ditch boards and, as you might imagine, I had absolutely nothing to say about either. I did […]