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Project White House debates!

For the second time, I helped Tucson Weekly┬árecruit dark-horse presidential candidates to run in the Arizona primary election, since it’s amazingly easy to get your name on the ballot. The candidates compete forTW‘s endorsement┬áin a “reality journalism” experiment that we call Project White House. This weekend, I actually hosted two live debates on Access Tucson. […]

Tweet My Dust: Truly Mobile Technology and the Great American Gimmick Rally

Last summer, I presented a 5-minute lecture on my experiences riding along on the Dustball 1500 at Ignite NM. The presentation, which covers both the 1,500-mile gimmick rally and how we were able to use social media technology even in the expanse of the American Southwest, is now online: Ignite NM 2 – Dave Maass […]

Whiney Arizona blogger kvetches about Project White House

Yesterday, the progressive blogger Mbrian wrote a crybaby post on Blog for Arizona complaining that Project White House’s 20 odd dark-horse candidates on the Arizona ballot created an undue burden on election volunteer workers in Pima county. He writes, assuming he’s a he: “The result was an appreciable amount of volunteer time burned needlessly by […]


The Project White House debate is on, streaming live right now (Click here if you’ve got RealPlayer). They’re discussing, I shit you not, whether we should use obese people as a power source to solve the energy crisis! Update 8:32 pm: Now they’re discussing whether robots will put illegal immigrants out of work! Update 8:48 […]