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Kuro Crow: Three Short Stories

It’s the end of 2010, the iPad is taking off and my friend Justin McLachlan has launched an electronic publishing house and, so, I thought it would be cool to publish a mini-collection of my short fiction as an ebook. It’s three stories (less than 4,000 words altogether) that I’ve always wanted to see collected […]

AltWeekly Award Finals

Well, here’s some good news: My feature from last Halloween, “Things to Do in Santa Fe When You’re Undead” is a finalist in the “Innovation/Format Buster” category of the annual Association of Alternative Newsweekly competition. To be fair, I only wrote the text and coordinated certain aspects of the project, which was a community effort […]

A Novel

I just burned through Warren Ellis’s new detective novel Crooked Little Vein. Ellis wrote the comic series Transmetropolitan, the leaves of which are the center pieces of my office wall art. Vein‘s his great crossover into the printed, unillustrated word, and it’s like whiskey with coffee: hot and dark and deviant and yet, heart-warming. It’s […]