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Call boxes on TV

A long report I published this week on the obscure local agency that manages emergency freeway call boxes is getting a lot of attention. As it should: It’s an infuriating story of government fat in the leanest of times and the politicians who don’t think taxpayers care about a dollar. The local NBC affiliate interviewed […]

Flashlight on the radio

March 13 through 19 was Sunshine Week, the annual event in which news organizations pool their efforts to push for greater transparency in government.  My contribution this year was the website, the ultimate organized collection of bookmarks for San Diego’s journalists and citizen activists. You can read more about the origins and purpose of the […]

General update

Here are a few things that have been going on in my world: My former co-worker at the Santa Fe Reporter, Corey Pein, recently moved to London and launched a non-profit journalism project covering the military-industrial complex. He named and last week he had me fill in while he was on vacation in Morocco.  I […]

Albums of 2010

These are the five albums that scored my year and the lines that got stuck on my tongue… 1. The Morning Benders – Big Echo Summer-time indie pop that lasted all year…The Morning Benders may have traded Berkeley for Brooklyn, but theirs was the sound of California to me. “But I can’t help thinking we […]

No Censorship.

Sen. Mitch McConnell has called Julian Assange a terrorist. What does that make me? Check out my investigative report in San Diego CityBeat this week: The Russia houses A Dagestani politician isn’t telling the truth about his Wikileak-ed connections to Carlsbad

Demon Sheep on Halloween

During the primary, Republican candidate for Senate, Carly Fiorina, released a bizarre viral video portraying her opponent, Tom Campbell as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She called him a FCINO (Fiscal Conservative in Name Only), which was pretty damned ridiculous because no one says that; the word is RINO (Republican in Name Only). Well, pop […]

Fiction 101

Each year, San Diego CityBeat sponsors a flash-fiction competition called Fiction 101. The concept is easy enough: Writers submit up to two pieces of fiction. Neither can be longer than 101 words, excluding the title. We received hundreds and, after judging them all, I was inspired to write my own. Of course, as a CityBeat […]

I’m too sexy for Milan

Not that I would ever be able to afford a trip to Milan, but I am now personally boycotting the Italian city and everything to do with it due to this public sentiment from its vice mayor, Riccardo De Corato: These are dark-skinned people, not Europeans like you and me. [Washington Post] He’s talking about the […]

Ikea Dave

I’ve edited the description of in the column to the right. This is no longer a blog. It is an ego blog. My reasoning should be self-evident. This is the first time I’ve lived in a city with an IKEA. I love it, from the floor displays to the cafeteria. (Swedish meatballs. Oh man, […]

Dave Maass is a waste of paper.

Over the weekend, I cleaned my room. I mean, with the guidance, assistance and hand-holding of my girlfriend, I sorted out every inch of my cave and found a bunch of crap I’d long forgotten…such as a 1998 issue of the punk super-zine MAXIMUMROCKANDROLL. The reason I kept the issue is that they reviewed a […]