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Photos from San Diego Comic-Con 2015

I’m grateful to Rolling Stone for letting me be a part of their San Diego Comic-Con team again. You can read our round-up here. I also uploaded a batch of photos from San Diego Comic-Con 2015 to Flickr and licensed most of them under Creative Commons – Attribution, in case someone needs a random photo of Bruce […]

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Injections & Icestorms

This piece originally appeared in the San Antonio Current on January 23, 2007. Republished with permission.  Tread carefully up frozen stairs onto a frozen porch, where an overweight cat is mewing to be let in. Enter the front door of the house off Drew Street in downtown Livingston into a smoke-filled radio studio. Survey the […]

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Project White House debates!

For the second time, I helped Tucson Weekly recruit dark-horse presidential candidates to run in the Arizona primary election, since it’s amazingly easy to get your name on the ballot. The candidates compete forTW‘s endorsement in a “reality journalism” experiment that we call Project White House. This weekend, I actually hosted two live debates on Access Tucson. […]

9.11, 10 years later

The Santa Fe Reporter asked me to contribute 150 words about where I was on 9.11. Here’s what I wrote: I’d quit my job as a reporter covering state government in Phoenix two weeks before. The morning of 9.11, a girl I was seeing called to wake me. She said we were under attack. I […]

Moog hero

Recently, I had the stupidest idea: A few of the switches on my* Moog synthesizer were broken, so I thought I could open the thing up and repair it myself. Not only was I unable to fix it, I was unable to put the Moog together again. I was so sad. I’d destroyed something beautiful. […]

Brilliant men

It’s a weird thing. The last three stories I’ve put together have shared a common theme: Brilliant men who have lost control and found themselves, literally or symbolically, out on the street. It wasn’t planned or anything. It just sort of happened. Another commonality is that none of them are white. One’s Vietnamese, another African-American […]