Moog hero

Recently, I had the stupidest idea: A few of the switches on my* Moog synthesizer were broken, so I thought I could open the thing up and repair it myself.

Not only was I unable to fix it, I was unable to put the Moog together again. I was so sad. I’d destroyed something beautiful.

I put a call for help on Twitter and suddenly, Mattzog, a local lover of synthesizers, got in touch. He told me he had a Moog Rogue and wanted to compare it to my Realistic Concertmate MG-1. And sure enough, in less than an hour he had it back in one piece.

Here’s a short video from the moment Mattzog turned the Moog back on.

* Not actually my Moog, but my father’s, which I have come to claim as my own over the years.

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