Brilliant men

It’s a weird thing. The last three stories I’ve put together have shared a common theme: Brilliant men who have lost control and found themselves, literally or symbolically, out on the street. It wasn’t planned or anything. It just sort of happened. Another commonality is that none of them are white. One’s Vietnamese, another African-American and the third, Hispanic. I don’t know what to make of that.

Tuan’s paradoxes
He has a brilliant mind, broken kidneys and Downtown’s most conspicuous minivan. Is the CIA really out to get Tuan Nguyen?

“The first time I approached Nguyen, he was protesting on the cramped island of sidewalk across from the convention center in the middle of San Diego Comic-Con. Surrounded by zombies, geeks and handbillers, Nguyen was a comic-book character in his own right.” More…

Mad skills
You can feed him pills, but Zany-Zane’s rhymes are still sick.

“With eyes turned away, the 31-year-old rapper answers questions in manic circles, spinning off on flashes of thought and winding back to repeat his original point. His hands pat the air like he’s dribbling a helium balloon that he just can’t keep down.” More…

Elephant exits the room

The rapid rise and fall of William Rodriguez-Kennedy, Log Cabin Republican wunderkind

“After the story ran, an anonymous person continued to circulate rumors, restating the financial missteps and accusing Rodriguez-Kennedy of harassment. The smears threw Rodriguez-Kennedy for a loop. He vacillated before ultimately insisting he have the chance to put the story out there and behind him. ” More…

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