Sooooo, the Santa Fe Reporter’s got a new 2008 election blog at Swingstateofmind.com. I’ll be doing most of my political blommentary over there from now on, unless there’s something you guys absolutely positively have to see and then I’ll cross post. So far, I’ve put up posts about Hillary’s push-polling in North Carolina and how […]

“They Murdered Sean Bell.”

In a time when we’re spending billions of dollars in a war to control oil in Iraq. Three thousand soldiers have come home in coffins, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis civilians have lost their lives. Our brothers and sisters in New Orleans are left homeless and hungry. They murdered Sean Bell. – Welcome to the […]

This Week in Print :: Cover Edition

Dog Gone The Rail Runner leaves Santa Fe’s prairie dogs homeless on the range. Yes. From electronic Neo-Nazis to french-kissing prairie dogs in the span of a week. This is why I love being an alt. journalist. Initially, I’d set out to write a National Geographic-style piece about urban prairie dogs, and indeed, I spent […]

Das Spoof

As the white nationalists continue to “discuss” my very fair article about New Mexico skinheads on their message board, this “jew reporter” has tracked down a copy of a spoof I wrote last year based on one of their threads. Enjoy. DOWNLOAD THE PDF: “Take the Skinheads LOL-ing.” (San Antonio Current, January 4, 2007)

Terrier Terror

It’s been a trying two weeks for me as a dog owner. Last weekend, Marlowe was sick, and when I say sick, I mean that on Friday night she had diarrhea and I thought to myself, “Oh, well, she must’ve just got something, we’ll see how she’s doing tomorrow,” and then, the next morning, I […]

Oh My God, They Killed Cally! You bastards!

Holy fuck… they killed Tyrol’s wife Cally last night on BSG, ejected her right into space. For a show with so much death, there’s a surprisingly large amount of original cast members still frakking along… but Cally, who shot Boomer, took punches from Tyrol, gave birth to a half-Cylon baby, and who, probably more than […]


After ranting about Aliza Shvart’s self-induced abortion art, then retracting my rant when her school announced it was a hoax, and now reading that Shvarts is splitting hairs claiming “No one can say with 100-percent certainty that anything in the piece did or did not happen,”… I find I agree with Anna at Jezebel.com: One […]